Ceremony Service

Musical Host Lee Waddell’s Wedding Accompaniment For Ceremony


A fee of $200 provides a second state-of-the-art DJ sound system. (This portion can be found on the reservation form, under the “Optional Extras” section.) This system would have the capability of playing the recorded music you would like, along with also having the option of live ceremony accompaniment by means of a keyboard, that can duplicate piano, organ, strings, and other sounds. A clip on wireless microphone (lavalier mic) is also provided for the person conducting the ceremony upon his/her request for guests to hear, along with a podium microphone for any readers you may have.

(Note: Feel free to inquire to your banquet facility about the availability of a grand piano on the premises to use for this option).

Format (May be changed upon request)

  1. 15 minutes of welcoming playing is provided before the ceremony begins, which may include song selections of your choice.
  2. When the ceremony is to begin, a raise in volume, along with a selected song of your choice, is the cue for guests of honor (or bridal party members) to enter. (Pachelbel’s Canon in D is an example of a musical introduction).
  3. The Bridal Chorus, or another song of your choice, is your calling down the aisle!!
  4. The option of music played during the ceremony, (such as the lighting of candles) is available to you.
  5. The end of the ceremony of course declares the wedding march, or another song of your choice. Afterwards, and announcement by your Disc Jockey can prepare your guests for what do do next. (Example: The bridal party may want an announcement made of a receiving line to be formed, or perhaps announcing to your guests that cocktail hour is to begin in the same or different area.)