Equipment & Display

DJ Lee provides nothing but high-end crystal clear sound with only top end wireless microphones.


A variety of high professional Bose systems and EV systems are used,  depending on the acoustics of the venue,  or if the event takes place outdoors.  Wireless speaker systems are available at no extra cost to provide sound in additional rooms at your venue, such as your cocktail hour.  In addition,  Lee uses a professional sound mixer that can allow for 5 additional inputs.  This can be convenient if you have guest musicians or singers who want to “plug in” their instruments to perform at your event!

My music library is huge, ranging from contemporary to classics, and everything in between.


DJ Lee has a digital music library of over 35,000 songs, that is kept up to date with the new hits from every genre on a monthly basis. 

Backup laptops,  mixers, mics, amps, and speakers are always on hand “just in case.”

The DJ display booth is always presented in a sharp,  neat and professional manner.  A sign is usually displayed to identify who is providing the entertainment, but can be omitted upon request.